Broccoli, Chilli and Orange Soup

  • Our hearty winter super food soup made with fresh chilies and broccoli is sure to keep you warm over winter! Try it with our homemade gluten-free cornbread!

    Allergy info: -

  • HOB (recommended)Transfer food to a pan and warm on the hob on a medium flame until heated through.

    MICROWAVETransfer food to a microwave-safe container and heat for 2-3 minutes. Timing may vary depending on your microwave.

  • Broccoli*

    Olive oil*


    Fresh garlic*

    Red chilies (hot)*


    Russet Potato*

    Salt & pepper

    *items are organic.

  • Amount per serving
    Calories (kcal) 214
    Protein (g) 6
    Carbs (g) 33
    Fat (g) 8

    *values are approximate and should only be used as general guidelines.

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