About Us

nourish healthy food delivery istanbul

Who We Are

A prepared meal delivery service committed to making healthy choices easier!

Here at Nourish, we're all about delicious, healthy food. We know it’s not always easy to plan, shop for and cook the meals you’d like, so we take away the hassle. Have delicious, nutritious, prepared meals delivered to your door, ready for the coming week.

How We Started

Nourish was founded in early 2014 in response to a request from a health-conscious couple who didn't have the time to cook and prepare meals themselves.

Sound familiar? We thought so.

We've been there ourselves - for many years we were the archetypal 'young professional couple' – long commutes, meetings, schedules, deadlines, and more meetings. Over-committed. Stressed. Hungry.

And we also know the solution is usually the quickest one; a sandwich over your keyboard, or dial-a-pizza for the family. It's not good, it's not healthy; there has to be a better way - and that's why Nourish exists!

Our goal is to make healthy eating easy by having good food ready when you need it the most – whether it’s dinner with your partner at end of a busy day, or a "working lunch" at your desk while you catch up on emails.

Our Promise

We know what matters when it comes to health, and we take no shortcuts in our products. We also know that everyone has different needs, and no one wants to be told "the right way" to eat. We try to keep things simple:

  1. Nutritious food from fresh, local ingredients; seasonal, and organic wherever possible.

  2. Options for all kinds of eaters – whether it’s vegetarian or gluten-free, our aim is that you’ll always be able to find a variety of dishes that meet your needs. We even provide nutrition and calorie information for all of our meals!

  3. Honest cooking. We list all the ingredients for each dish right here on the site, so you know exactly what’s in your food.

What Our Customers Say!

"As personal trainers with hectic schedules, it's important for my husband and I to have the time together to actually sit and enjoy a healthy meal! The time I save on preparation, cleaning and cooking is priceless in comparison to the peace of mind I enjoy. I love the flavors and combination of world cuisine that Nourish Istanbul provides and I trust in the methods, knowledge and care that the owners infuse into their business. Finding Nourish Istanbul has literally been a Godsend!" - Roxy Menzies, roxymenzies.com