Quick update: changes to our pricing model (overall price reduction!)

October 20, 2014

We've undertaken another serious review of our prices and pricing structure over the past few weeks; the reason we did this was I didn't agree with the previous costing model we had adopted from other restaurants.

This typical model is based on working out the base cost (the cost of ingredients) of a menu item, and adding a fixed percentage mark-up. This makes sense, until you realize that items with a higher base cost (typically non-veggie dishes) will receive a higher mark-up and thus cost you more, even though they don't take necessarily us any longer to prepare. As an accountant I find this model lazy and not fit for purpose; and as a card-carrying meat-eater I'm less than impressed restaurants make more profit on my dishes simply because its become the norm.

At Nourish, we do our best to provide a great selection of healthy seasonal meals at a reasonable price; and as such we've adjusted our cost calculation to bring our our meals more in-line with our target average price of 16-18 tl. We hope you'll notice no more prohibitively-costed meat dishes on our menu (25 tl+), and an overall reduction in our prices.

However, to facilitate this reduction we've decided to introduce a small delivery charge to cover our time and increasing fuel costs. This will also help us maintain our commitment to deliver anywhere in Istanbul. As such, a small charge of 5 tl will now be added to deliveries below 100 tl; however, as a thank you to customers who place larger orders with us, we will continue to offer free delivery on orders over 100 tl.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of our customers; you make this possible and we hope to keep improving our service going forward.


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