Welcome to the new Nourish!

May 18, 2014

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new website! We've been planning this for a while, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed:

Flexible Menus

No more fixed packages – we’re moving to an à la carte menu giving you complete control over your order. A new menu will still be released each week (on Tuesdays), but you can now decide if you want meals for one, two or more! All we ask is that your order total comes to a minimum of 60TL.

Budget Options & Meal Pricing

We've put a lot of work into individually costing our meals, so you can rest assured the prices are fair and consistent. We’re also making sure we include a fair spread of prices in each menu, giving you more options to fit your budget.

This is compounded with an all-round price reduction; we've learned a lot during the past few months, and are passing on the bulk of our savings on to you! The change in our system makes it hard to give absolute figures, but we estimate a price reduction of 15-20%.

Online Ordering; New Payment Processing

Our new online checkout system allows you to place your order through the site, and gives you the option to pay online via Paypal; or you can choose to pay on delivery. You can still order by e-mail too, of course!

We now also accept payment via card on delivery, as well as cash.

Additional Delivery Days

As before, we deliver across Istanbul on Sundays; but now we’re offering a midweek delivery on Wednesdays to customers in the Şişli-Beşiktaş-Beyoğlu area. We’re looking to offer more days for the rest of Istanbul soon, so if you’re outside of that area but interested in Wednesday deliveries please contact us and we will do our best to get to you. Wednesday orders need to be placed by the preceding Monday.

Improved Labeling and Nutritional Information

Meals are categorised on the website by type ('vegetarian', 'seafood', 'sides', etc) and have also been allocated special tags ('gluten-free', 'low calorie', etc) - you can filter our menu by any of these new parameters.

In addition, meals now include details of ingredients, calories and nutritional information on the website. Just click the meal you are interested in, and browse the tabs under the quantity button. Simple “prep” instructions for each meal are also provided. We’re pretty sure we’re the only food service (restaurant or otherwise) in Istanbul who do the calorie/macro-counting for you :)

Extras and Treats

We’re trialling some delicious new goodies in our "Extras and Treats" section, with more coming soon!



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